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BIRTHDAY BOY!!! and me too....

Okay, so let me start out by stating that I was never any good at keeping a diary when I was little. As long as that's understood...we should be okay. birthday was Sept. 1 and was a grand event. Once again it fell on Labor Day weekend (my poor mother...the heat and the so-not-funny pun) and so I claimed the WHOLE weekend as my own. It's tradition. Ryan got me a keyless entry for my car. Love it! If I could only remember to use's true, old habits are hard to break.

Then...on the 12th, Sebastian also had a birthday. He turned the big 01. For his birthday we got him a huge bone (well, huge to others, not so big), a can of dog food (ate the whole thing in about 45 seconds), and...drumroll ice cream cup from Sonic. Now this...this was the best. We weren't going to give him the whole thing afraid that it would make him sick, but...he won our hearts and we ended up giving him all of it. He's so spoiled and we're lovin' it.