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Howl-o-ween at PetsMart

So...we met some friends at PetsMart last night for the Howl-o-ween event. It was pretty much a store full of chaos. You're supposed to dress your pet up, bring 'em in, take pictures, and participate in the costume contest. Since we've got my parents' dog for the week, I went ahead and bought her a costume...a princess. It's so appropriate for her.

Our friends' dog went as a football player...their dog is HUGE...but SO sweet. We stood in line for what seemed like forever, finally made it up there, put the finishing touches on costumes (the adorable princess-cone hat for Pheobe and the golf clubs for Sebastian), they posed us, took our picture, gave us the pooches' goody bag, and said, "Thanks! Bye!"
That wasn't even the line for the costume contest! Ugh...

We kept waiting around for some direction on what to do about the costume contest. I mean...I went to the trouble to buy these things, convince Ryan to let me dress them and actually take th…

Camping at Marianna Caverns

This past weekend we went camping in Marianna with some good friends. Because I had to give a presentation Saturday morning for work, I couldn't go out for Friday night but I drove out there right after the presentation.
It was a always. I think the main reason I like camping is because you're so limited on what you can do. You can't check the email, you can't watch movies, you can't work on projects, you can't even work on crafts. Pretty much all you can do is walk around, take a nap, eat and my a fire burn. It's WAY better than watching paint dry and probably more calming.
I took Sebastian with me hoping he would be okay and behave. And of course, he was an angel. Saturday night he sat in the chair and slept like a rock. He was so sweet in the tent and only barked once when he heard Adria cough in the next campsite. I was a proud mother!
We also took the tour of the caverns Saturday afternoon. I had seen them once when I was rea…