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My Realization

We went camping this past weekend with Ryan’s brother and his family. We had a great time…even with nap-deprived kiddies with yucky stomachs, we really enjoyed ourselves and were able to visit and relax (although I’m not sure I can speak for J, J, S, S).

J and J often get cracked up at how much Ryan and I shop at Sam’s. I’ve never really thought about it much but this weekend I realized that we really do shop there A LOT. We actually go there…and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this…about once a week…sometimes twice. Most of the normal things we get there we buy because they are way cheaper than buying in a normal store or because I get tired of constantly having to buy more to keep from running out. However, we also buy quite a bit of “stuff” from Sam’s. (Even as I’m typing this I’m laughing and thinking about even the most recent items we’ve picked up…holy cow…we’ve got it bad.)

My SIL said that I needed to have a blog post about what all we buy there, Ryan suggested a separa…