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Lemons? Yes! Please!

Furlough is in full swing. While we’re off an extra day of the week, we have a 20% paycut that comes along with it. We’re okay; we’ve saved enough to not have any issues, but that’s not to say that it doesn’t still sting a little. The loss in productivity at work is also something that stings...and that actually stings a bit more.
A few weeks ago I was in a training session for work and numerous class discussions revolved around the furlough. So many people were concerned about how it would affect their workload and productivity. Our instructor told us that while it no doubt was going to be painful, he encouraged us to use it as an opportunity to take a close look at how we might be able to work smarter and also determine what tasks could, in fact, take the back burner without causing the sky to come tumbling down. In other words, find the silver lining. We all knew that furlough was coming so we might as well try to use it to better ourselves. This spoke volumes to me.
Last week I wa…

I'm Tired

Can I please share my heart? (Be prepared for a lot of whining.)
I’m tired. I’m emotionally tired, spiritually tired, financially tired, and physically tired. I’m just tired.
Ryan and I are facing the upcoming furlough. We’ll have a significant pay cut to deal with for approximately six months. Thankfully, we have been blessed enough to be able to save up for such an event (that and I know how to choke a dollar) so we’ll be okay, but we have numerous coworkers and friends, good friends, that are really going to be feeling this 20% reduction. I’m worried for them. I’m waking up in the middle of the night praying that they’ll be okay. Ryan and I have been discussing ways to save money, cut bills, as well as gather some projects to work on while we have an extra day off. I've come to terms with the pay reduction and not having any ‘frills’ for the next six months. I've researched free and inexpensive activities, and I've even started looking forward to having some time to accom…

New Year. New Goals.

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've posted anything. Last year was anything but calm and it seemed that I just never had time...certainly had the desire but no time. Hopefully this year will be different...hopefully.
So, it's a new year. Last year I made a goal, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was (if it was finding my inner sexy, then check, 'cause you know...we had another kid and all...).
Seriously, though.
I have no clue.
Ryan, however, totally met his goal, and since I cook for him, I think it only fair to claim some of his victory myself. Sounds good, yes? Last year he wantet to lose 60 pounds and HE DID IT. Yeah, like, my husband lost a Sam's-Club-sized-bag of dog food worth of weight. How cool is that?
This year we're making more goals. Our 'joint' goal is to clear out unneeded items from our house each week. Since we moved to a new house in 2012 (remember that lack of calm mentioned earlier?), we quickly …