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I Love Camping

I love camping.
I love the smell of a campfire or bonfire.
I love sitting by a bonfire bundled up in a blanket with hot chocolate.
I love sleeping in a sleeping bag...especially when it's really cold.
I love turning back the thermostat at night and sleeping under an electric blanket.
I love the feel of a new, that first week out of the package. Wonderful.
I love the smell you get when you turn on the heater for the first time in the season.
I love how blue the sky is in the winter time.
I love the sound of rain on a tin roof or a skylight.
I love taking a shower in the middle of the day when it's cold and in the early evening when it's hot.
I love sleeping on the floor and on raised beds.
I love taking naps when it's raining outside...light thunder is a plus.
I love emptying a spool of thread.
I love being in the hammock and listening to the wind blow in the trees. (Bring on the drool.)
I love listening to the radio REALLY LOUD at night while in the car with the wi…