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So...tonight we went to see 3D. Pretty fun. Tommy can get these movie tickets through the hospital and you only have to pay the matinee fee but you can see the movie whenever...and we had four that expire at the end of the tonight we saw Bolt.

Cutest movie I've seen in a while. If you love (or even like) dogs, you NEED to go. So freakin' cute. And yes...I'll admit it...I cried. Can't tell you when, but yeah, had to wipe some tears away. I was speeding the whole way home just so I could get home to my sweet puppy.

Dogs are awesome. Dogs are wonderful. I never understood this when I was younger but it's really true what people say about dogs. They're always so eager to please you and make you happy. Sometimes I honestly think Sebastian does things just to make us laugh. He cuddles with Ryan on the couch ALL the time. Tonight while I was waiting for Ryan to come home from work, I was on the couch reading. Sebastian jumps up on my feet an…

Project 25's been a kind of a rough day. I'm sick of this weather. It's's supposed to be at least somewhat cold...or at least cool. Ugh...

So today I ran some errands with my mom...broke the cardinal rule and went to Walmart at Christmas...during lunch...I thought at one point that I was going to have a meltdown.

Tonight mom and I went to the super Walmart to participate in the Sheriff's office's program called Project 25. I'd never heard of it until last week. It was pretty neat. Basically, you're assigned a child and you go "shopping" for the child. We were allowed to spend $75 for each child. I was pretty impressed...I was figuring it would be around $35 or so. It was pretty chaotic, too. Tons of people were all in the toy department...pretty crazy.

Once we finished shopping, we just gave the buggy to "the lady in the blue shirt" and she took over. (Now, I know that all Walmart employees wear blue shirts, but hers was …

My New Toy!

Image's been about a month and we've been pretty stinkin' busy. We'll play catch up some other time...right now I'm excited about my new came in the mail Friday.

Ryan has been eyeing this new tiny lap tops. I honestly didn't see what the big deal was but after some persuasion, I caved and let him order me one....yeah, that's what I said...he wanted to order it for ME instead of him. Crazy, huh? Kinda caught me off guard, too.

So he orders me a Dell Mini...and it's pretty mini. 9" screen, super tiny keyboard...he even ordered it in pink! I love my man. The Fedex guy got here and I almost asked him if he was sure he had the right box for me. I honestly thought that there was no way it could be in that tiny box. It was.'s freakin' small. I love it, though. The keyboard is definitely going to take some getting used to...I keep hitting the wrong keys 'cause they're so small. But other than that...I love it.


Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day! If you know me well enough you know that I'm the textbook definition of a patriot: someone who believes their country is the best no matter what. And that's pretty much me. Independence Day is my favorite holiday, I hear the Star Spangled Banner and tears come to my eyes, and when I think of all the people that made (and still do) this country possible, I have a huge sense of pride. Yes, our country has some faults, but I would never live anywhere else.

Veteran's Day also brings to mind the death of my granddaddy. He was my mom's father and he was a card. He died 16 years ago yesterday (Veteran's Day was the 10th that year). So...I'm going to give some insight on him. Sorry if you're disappointed but if nothing else, you might learn a little why I'm as loony as I am. :-)

I was only ten when he died and I wasn't close to him; in all honesty, when we went to visit him, I was always a little afraid of him. I remember he had fa…

Howl-o-ween at PetsMart

So...we met some friends at PetsMart last night for the Howl-o-ween event. It was pretty much a store full of chaos. You're supposed to dress your pet up, bring 'em in, take pictures, and participate in the costume contest. Since we've got my parents' dog for the week, I went ahead and bought her a costume...a princess. It's so appropriate for her.

Our friends' dog went as a football player...their dog is HUGE...but SO sweet. We stood in line for what seemed like forever, finally made it up there, put the finishing touches on costumes (the adorable princess-cone hat for Pheobe and the golf clubs for Sebastian), they posed us, took our picture, gave us the pooches' goody bag, and said, "Thanks! Bye!"
That wasn't even the line for the costume contest! Ugh...

We kept waiting around for some direction on what to do about the costume contest. I mean...I went to the trouble to buy these things, convince Ryan to let me dress them and actually take th…

Camping at Marianna Caverns

This past weekend we went camping in Marianna with some good friends. Because I had to give a presentation Saturday morning for work, I couldn't go out for Friday night but I drove out there right after the presentation.
It was a always. I think the main reason I like camping is because you're so limited on what you can do. You can't check the email, you can't watch movies, you can't work on projects, you can't even work on crafts. Pretty much all you can do is walk around, take a nap, eat and my a fire burn. It's WAY better than watching paint dry and probably more calming.
I took Sebastian with me hoping he would be okay and behave. And of course, he was an angel. Saturday night he sat in the chair and slept like a rock. He was so sweet in the tent and only barked once when he heard Adria cough in the next campsite. I was a proud mother!
We also took the tour of the caverns Saturday afternoon. I had seen them once when I was rea…

Sebastian Turns Two!

So...I admit it. We've become one of those couples that makes the dog the "child"...but I don't care. I love this stinkin' dog (and he IS quite stinky right now) and I'm not ashamed to admit it.

(Extra space here for Ryan)

Friday was Sebastian's birthday. The big two. I'm so proud. I think the only reason he's actually lived for two years is 'cause he's just so cute and sweet. The constant "hunt" for socks, bras, and underwear...the one-sided game of chase with said undergarments in the backyard...well, it's a good thing he's so cute 'cause there probably wouldn't be much left of him when I did catch him...not that I ever do. Dang he's fast!

So we took him to Sonic (after enjoying sushi with the P's (Peadens and Penningtons)) for his birthday ice cream. It was even better than last year. People were staring at us like we were crazy...not for giving the dog ice cream, but for taking pictures of it. Like I said…

Guatemalan Soup evening tonight was one to be remembered for a long while. There are so many subjects, I might have to split it up into a few posts. Tonight I helped out with the graduation ceremony for the Eastern Shipbuilding students with the ESOL program. Here's the deal, Eastern Shipbuilding Group allows Guatemalans with trades to apply to work in the US. They help them obtain passports and work visas (usually for 8-10 months) and fly them over here to work for their company. Yes, I know it's a super controversial subject, but I'm gonna table that particular issue for tonight. What I DO want to talk about is this group of students. The "foreman" for this group of workers coordinates classes with our ESOL program, we send a teacher out there three days a week, Eastern drives them to the college two nights for them to take their tests, and we drive out there for their graduation ceremony. So...that's where I start. We drive out there, arrive in this little "b…

Let's Try This Again... it's been a while...which probably doesn't matter 'cause I'm not sure that anybody's actually reading these. But that's okay...I'm not hurt.'s almost been a year and SO much has changed. I'm no longer at Hatch Mott MacDonald. I came to the realization that engineering (at least in the field of wastewater treatment) wasn't for me. My WONDERFUL husband let me quit and I took six weeks off before finding a job at GCCC with the ESOL department. (English for Speakers of Other Languages) It's totally different but I seem to be liking it so far. Which makes Ryan super happy. And me too. It's only 30 hours per week but that's okay, too, for now.
I just turned 26 (on Monday) and it has somewhat knocked me back. Maybe not so much about turning 26 but I keep thinking, "Whoa, next year I'll be 27...whoa." So what have I accomplished in 26 years? Well, I've graduated college, worked as an engineer, learned that …