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Safe in the Safe

This past Wednesday night at small group, a friend of ours got a new safe. Now when I say “safe” I mean…a safe. I’m not sure if it’s exactly like that one, but you get the idea. So after bible study he asks a few of the guys to help him unload it. Soon after the guys have it in its new home, he and Ryan are carrying a smaller safe (I instantly assume it’s the safe that’s being replaced) toward the back door. I figured he was going to be putting it in his outside shed…nope. They walk outside, walk up to OUR car, and Ryan starts pilfering around in his jeans pocket for the keys.

Then it hits me. And I understand.


(Apparently I seem to really be liking this phrase/question lately as it’s the same thing I screamed when we finally found a road (the state park entrance) the last time we went hiking…and got lost…thus tacking on an extra 2 miles or so…I was not a happy camper…literally speaking.)

Ryan gives me the little boy smile he loves so much. This smile…it…

Strictly Strength=Strictly Sore

I’m constantly seeing my manager as I’m leaving the gym on base. As I’m leaving, she’s heading to a class. (I say always but I really mean often…work with me.) Anyway, I finally decided to join her in one of these classes. I emailed her Wednesday about the time for the Thursday class. She replied that it was from 4 to 5 and she would see me there. So…Thursday I got off work at 2:30 and headed to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for an hour and 15 minutes (go me!) and then headed to look for her so we could go to the class. I HATE going to this kind of stuff…it’s like it’s a clique or something…same thing with walking in a music store…everyone looks at you like you don’t belong in their world. So I head to the locker room to put up my book and see if she’s in there; she’s not. That’s okay, she probably already changed and is in there looking for me…I’m actually cutting it pretty close to 4:00 since my book was SO STINKIN’ good and I couldn’t put it down.

I quickly head to th…