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Let's Try This Again... it's been a while...which probably doesn't matter 'cause I'm not sure that anybody's actually reading these. But that's okay...I'm not hurt.'s almost been a year and SO much has changed. I'm no longer at Hatch Mott MacDonald. I came to the realization that engineering (at least in the field of wastewater treatment) wasn't for me. My WONDERFUL husband let me quit and I took six weeks off before finding a job at GCCC with the ESOL department. (English for Speakers of Other Languages) It's totally different but I seem to be liking it so far. Which makes Ryan super happy. And me too. It's only 30 hours per week but that's okay, too, for now.
I just turned 26 (on Monday) and it has somewhat knocked me back. Maybe not so much about turning 26 but I keep thinking, "Whoa, next year I'll be 27...whoa." So what have I accomplished in 26 years? Well, I've graduated college, worked as an engineer, learned that …