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Day 4: A Setback, But I'm Not Giving Up

Tonight we went to Sam's. Although my challenge didn't specifically address eating out, I halfway mentally included it. I was good for breakfast and lunch. Since Ryan's fishing trip got cut really short due to rough seas, we had two turkey sandwiches in the fridge. He ate one and I ate the other. I even finished off the low-fat Ruffles (not many left anyway). For supper, though...I cheated. We were both feeling kinda bored so we went to Sam's and got pizza (needed dog food, too). I did not, however, buy any food (other than a gallon of milk).

Tomorrow WILL be better. I'm already planning the meal and will hopefully have it ready soon after coming home from church. I can do this. I can do this. I. Can. Do. This.

Oh and that bottled coke I wanted for today?


Day 3...a little late

Yesterday was a bit of a setback. But for good reason.

I was great for breakfast and lunch. I had my regular English muffin with butter and Ovaltine (more Olvatine, please!) and for lunch I finished off the leftover mini meatloaves. Snacked on some blueberries and watermelon, toasted Ritz crackers. I was also able to finish off the bag of Reese's Pieces in the freezer (yes, you can freeze candy. I do it all the time.), but that's besides the point.

My mom came over and brought us some Brunswick Stew. So for supper we had that and grilled cheese sandwiches. I discovered that one of the packs of singles was expired (as of November 2009...oops) so that was thrown out. Never fear, I had a brand new pack in the fridge. Sigh....

Ryan was invited to go fishing and needed some things for the trip. We headed to Walmart, but I was ready...kinda. I knew we already had bread, lunch meat, pretzels...things like that. We did have to buy bottled water, Dramamine, bananas, ginger snaps, and a ne…

My Freezer Challenge-Day 2

Today went pretty well as far as meals go. For breakfast I had an English muffin (do you know the Muffin Man?), Ovaltine, and blueberries. Lunch was one of those stuffed chicken breasts by Barber Foods and french fries. But for the big meal, supper was smoked sausage (from Sam's!), whole wheat penne pasta, cucumbers and baby carrots with a little dressing, a fruit salad made of blueberries, watermelon, grapes, and blackberries, and leftover green beans.

I did have to venture out to Target for milk and bread, but that's the only food I bought. It was kinda hard, too. I had some good coupons for a few things, but I reminded myself that I already had a two pound block of cheddar at home that wasn't even opened yet. Soooo...milk and bread and nothing else.

I cleaned out a few things today (stale bread, mushy lettuce) and found some things that I had forgotten I even had. I get tons of samples in the mail (I get so excited when they come in the's like Christmas) an…

My Freezer Challenge: Day 1

Today I went to Publix and Sam's. I performed my normal coupon shopping spree and made a quick trip to Sam's for ground beef for tonight's small group main dish. Of course, we were getting low on cheese and they had roast marked down so I had to get those, too. And then I saw ground turkey was also marked down...always wanted to see the difference so why not now? And oh! They've got Mrs. Dash! And sea salt, too! Love cooking with those and with this size I'm getting a deal and won't run out for a while...$80 later...I rushed home, got Baby L situated and began my “Sam's purchase freeze-a-thon”. When I went to put everything in the deep freezer, I noticed something. I have a problem. I have a serious problem. There are only two people living here (I'm not counting the baby since he currently is on a liquid diet) and yet we have a 15 cubic foot deep freezer that is almost full. It's stock full of veggies of all types, meats of all animals and cuts, br…