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Finally! (shhhh...he's asleep...finally)

The past two weekends have been fairly brutal on our ears. Lane has been ridiculously cranky. With crankiness comes his high pitched squeal/scream. So many of our friends were able to witness his adorable happy-squeal when he was a younger baby. His day care teacher even had something to say about it... 'Lane keeps squealing. Loud squealing. He's taught the other kids to do it, too. I tell him to stop and then realize it's another kid making the noise.' As loud as it is, his angry squeal is even worse. When he was younger, we kept a pair of our gun range ear muffs on the changing table. Every time we're in Sam's Ryan tries to talk me into getting a free hearing test (did you know they're free? 'cause they are. in case you didn't know.), blaming the need on Lane's screaming. I guess what I'm trying to say is that when Lane's unhappy, our ears suffer. And this weekend has certainly done some damage to Mama's ears. (I'm not eve…