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It All Started With a Tub of Rhinestones

Well, you're probably wondering if the "Rose Afghan" is done. Nope. I did finish another rose and today I started another, but it isn't complete. I'm not giving up, though. I'm actually thinking about having it featured on the next season of The Bachelor. I can see it now, "Suzie, will you accept my rose? Lisa, will you accept my rose? Girl-That-Has-No-Clue-About-What-Makes-A-Real-Relationship-But-Expects-To-Find-Love-On-A-TV-Show, will you take a nap under my rose afghan?" Sigh....anyway...

I do have something that IS complete.I actually have TWO somethings that are complete.

Here's the story: Hobby Lobby has these tubs of rhinestones. They're all different sizes and colors, and I don't know why, but I've been wanting them for some time now...probably a few months. Why didn't I just buy them? I don't know...I couldn't figure out what to do with them and I am a little on the cheap side so I didn't want to spend $1…

Well....Turns Out I Got Nothing

This week I started working on finishing up an afghan that I started quite some time ago. I originally bought the kit at Big Lots back in the day. When I say "back in the day" I mean...back when I was a size 2 and had big dreams of what I was going to do with my mom's car once I actually took possession of it (which really only consisted of buying new towels for the seats, hanging a pretty sparkly from the mirror, and putting in new floor mats. Yes...the afghan's that old. It's amazing (read: ridiculous) that I've held on to it for so many years. Not sure why, but I guess I just wanted to see this one through. So...the project continues.

The sad thing is...I didn't get it finished. I've been working on it as much I've been able, but it just hasn't worked out. First I had to take it to Hobby Lobby (when I bought this stupid thing, Hobby Lobby was Food World!) and buy more thread...which meant I had to match the thread...which I hate doing be…