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The Toy Box

I awoke this morning and remembered that I haven't blogged in a quite a while. I have definitely put the crafts on hold for the months of October and November. Oct and Nov have not been nice. They've thrown ugly things our way, pushed us to the limits, and laughed in our faces about it. We're still hanging in there (possibly holding out for Black Friday?), and with God's help, we're making it. Not that I'm complaining (or bitter), but here's a short list of what we've had thrown at us:I got some weird rash that looked like ringworm...only it was everywhere. Went to the doc and got some cream, steroids, and reassurance that I wasn't contagious, fungal, or nasty.
Ryan had some serious fatigue. Turned out to be a somewhat easy fix, but it totally threw us for a loop.Lane decided to have a cup of Joe. He managed to pour my cup of coffee on him and burn his legs. Thankfully, they weren't bad and cleared up after a week.Lane decided to be a steam…