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Drawing to an end

We're here in the mountains on vacation and today's our last day. Tomorrow we pack it up and head on home...actually tonight we pack up, tomorrow we head to GA to spend the night and then go home Sunday. Tomorrow we'll hit Newnan, GA for a wonderful stop at the Goodwill Emporium. Woo hoo!!!! My favorite shopping.
Here's a brief recap of our trip:
Sunday: Walked the touristy shops on Main Street. Definitely fun, but I learned a valuable lesson. I went in a jewelry store and found the most beautiful necklace with matching earrings...on clearance...but couldn't make up my mind. When we went back, it was gone. Lesson learned. Later on we drove into Boone and just looked around...nothing major.

Monday: We drove around and hit "junk stores." I now know how much Ryan really loves me. We spent most of the day tracking down thrift stores for my mom to go to. Don't know why, but it's a hobby of hers. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed most of it. But Ryan...he…