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2015: New Year Goals and (hopefully) Unbroken Promises

It's once again a new year. We get a fresh start. A clean slate.

On my computer monitor I have a little note with last year's goals:
1) Do not put off things that can easily be done today. (I did on some things....but missed others.)
2) Make a difference in others' lives-friends, strangers, charity. (Not sure if I did this or not.)
3) Use up what you already have. Repurpose, recycle. (I was doing fairly well...)
4) Be kind. Show Christ. (I tried.)
5) Read 12 books. (TOTALLY accomplished this one!)
6) Clean out items. (Yes. I did.)
7) Run a 5K. (TOTALLY missed this one.)

For the past week I've been brainstorming things I want to accomplish this year. I've also been thinking of things about me that I want to change. Granted, one year is nowhere near enough time to completely change something about ourselves, but it's certainly a start. Here's what I've got so far:

Lose-I want to lose 20 pounds. This may not seem like a lot, but I've never lost weight …