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Mr. Cow Is Back in the Saddle Again

Sebastian has a certain toy that is absolutely his favorite. He loves his green fishy, adores his string rope (although we don't because it usually requires an "assist" later on), and cherishes his orange squeaky "animal" (we're not sure what it's supposed to be). But, the toy he holds most dear is his cow. It's a stuffed cow with long arms and legs (I guess they should technically all be legs), a small bubble body, and a huge head. It once had a squeaker, but he chewed it out. It also once had eyes, but yeah, he got those, too. For some reason, when given a stuffed animal toy, he always chews off the eyes first and the crotch is soon to follow.

But back to his cow. We've appropriately named him "Mr. Cow"...not sure why, but that's his name. Mr. Cow has seen better days, that's fo' sho'. Soon after his eyes went, we tried just taking the toy away and hiding it, but Sebastian would always find it or would see it so…