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This is the first blog post I’ve written in SO LONG so it feels a bit foreign and weird. I have tossed around various ideas for the past couple of months about blogging again, but I couldn’t get motivated or decisive or something.  
So, I just turned thirty-five. I've made some serious changes in the past year and for whatever reason, I want to share what I have and am learning. I constantly feel like I'm failing, but I know it can't be that bad (RIGHT?). Back in the Spring, our church’s children's ministry took the kids to a weekend camp. A friend told me that at least once a week she tells someone, “Do you follow Kelley Close on Facebook? You should. She’s funny, she’s honest, and she puts a lot of things into perspective.” I wanted to cry. This was probably the most humbling thing anyone has said to me in a very long time. So, I’m going to start blogging again. I don’t have a niche; there’s no special focus. I certainly know I’m not going to become famous.  But, I’m …