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Happy Veteran's Day

Happy Veteran's Day! If you know me well enough you know that I'm the textbook definition of a patriot: someone who believes their country is the best no matter what. And that's pretty much me. Independence Day is my favorite holiday, I hear the Star Spangled Banner and tears come to my eyes, and when I think of all the people that made (and still do) this country possible, I have a huge sense of pride. Yes, our country has some faults, but I would never live anywhere else.

Veteran's Day also brings to mind the death of my granddaddy. He was my mom's father and he was a card. He died 16 years ago yesterday (Veteran's Day was the 10th that year). So...I'm going to give some insight on him. Sorry if you're disappointed but if nothing else, you might learn a little why I'm as loony as I am. :-)

I was only ten when he died and I wasn't close to him; in all honesty, when we went to visit him, I was always a little afraid of him. I remember he had fa…