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So...tonight we went to see 3D. Pretty fun. Tommy can get these movie tickets through the hospital and you only have to pay the matinee fee but you can see the movie whenever...and we had four that expire at the end of the tonight we saw Bolt.

Cutest movie I've seen in a while. If you love (or even like) dogs, you NEED to go. So freakin' cute. And yes...I'll admit it...I cried. Can't tell you when, but yeah, had to wipe some tears away. I was speeding the whole way home just so I could get home to my sweet puppy.

Dogs are awesome. Dogs are wonderful. I never understood this when I was younger but it's really true what people say about dogs. They're always so eager to please you and make you happy. Sometimes I honestly think Sebastian does things just to make us laugh. He cuddles with Ryan on the couch ALL the time. Tonight while I was waiting for Ryan to come home from work, I was on the couch reading. Sebastian jumps up on my feet an…