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I Love a Good Saturday

For various reasons the band Ryan plays in at church is having to practice today at 2:00. Since it kinda puts a little damper on the day's activities (since it's in the middle of the day) last night he suggested that we maybe go to yard sales and "run the road" Saturday I could have some fun. (Isn't he the BEST?!) I took up the offer (of course) and this morning we got up early, bought a paper, and hit the road. Yard sales were pretty scarce...we only hit two. However, the second one we hit was awesome. This lady had tables and tables of clothes all priced at 50 cents. !!! Apparently, her daughters (all about my convenient!) had a true love of clothes and when they left for college, they left all the stuff they didn't want. Again, how convenient. I bought $10 worth and was SO excited. The lady had run out of bags so as I was carrying them to the car, I was dropping pieces in a breadcrumb-style trail and cracking up at myself.


The Times, They Are A Changin'...or already have...

So...two weeks, no post. That's okay, though, 'cause I'm not really sure anyone's listening/reading. :-) Nothing big has been happening lately (mainly the reason for no new post), just life going on as normal. This morning, however, I saw something that really got me to thinking...and I had an idea for a post. Eureka! Not, please don't be expecting a lot...'cause you'll be SO disappointed.

So I cross the bridge (if you don't know which bridge I'm talking about you obviously are a transplant...and will understand this lingo later) this morning and veer to the right to turn left onto Thomas Drive. There's this new (semi new) concrete median separating left-turners and go-straighters that seems to be the hot spot lately for people holding cardboard signs. Yesterday there was some guy holding a sign that said something like, "Went to shelter and left due to...." and I couldn't read the rest. He had a fish bowl with …