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Another Monday's Monday morning (foggy, too) and I'm wide awake (thanks to an early morning job interview which I'm already back home from). It's funny that when I was working Mondays were totally different from what they are now. I used to dread Sunday afternoons, sometimes I'd even come down with the worst stomach or headaches imaginable...all because I knew Monday was right around the corner. Now...I just make mental notes of what I can cook for the coming week's suppers, what projects I want to work on, and what big chores need to be finished. Totally different.

I'm also helping plan a surprise birthday party for my Granny. Her birthday is in early February, but this Saturday we'll be celebrating. It's pretty funny how different it is when planning a party for someone in their eighties. My cousin is putting together a slide show of pictures and we've had a hard time finding pictures of Granny when she was young. She doesn't have any wedding…