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When Daddy's Away...

Ryan flew to Tennessee to visit family this past weekend. It was a three day weekend for us and I think he was a little concerned about how things were going to unravel. And you know what? Funny things happen when Daddy leaves town.

Naps get refused.

Puppies get treats (too bad the eggs were already gone by the time I got the camera ready).

Sunrises are attempted (only to realize that our backyard wasn't made for watching we enjoyed the birds singing instead).

Babies get comfortable.

Craft rooms get reorganized (before).

And after...

New decorations go up.

Food scales (bought 5 months ago) finally get mounted.

Decadent desserts get devoured.

Beautiful suppers are prepared.
Why yes, I DID mean to post the same picture. It was supper AND dessert...and it was devoured in the bed. And I paid for it the next morning.

I'm soon on the way to pick up the hubs (and his dad). And CANNOT wait.

Change is Opportunity

Yesterday I was forced to face a cold reality. My neighbors (whom have also been members in our small group) packed up a moving truck and got ready to make their journey to their new home state. Long story short, but they have decided to make a new start in a new town and are officially moving this weekend. Although he's already been living there for a couple of months and she's been there with two of the kids, it hasn't really hit me until today...especially when I saw the moving truck drive off. I know we'll stay in touch, I know we'll email and chit chat and share pictures (after all, their baby is only three months older than Lane and she was supposed to be his 'girl next door') it's still really hard to see them leave.

I don't typically deal well with change. I can change furniture in a living room, hang a new picture on the wall, or even change how I do something (as long as it's better), and I'm fine. It's the big things that…