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A Bit Concerned

It's hard to imagine that anyone living in America isn't constantly pummeled with news about the failing economy (personally, I think it's already failed, but what do I know?). It's also hard to imagine that anyone living in our "middle class" or lower region isn't constantly concerned about their job(s), home, bills, and such. I recently had lunch with a friend and we talked about how the questions used to be, "Where are you working now? Do you like it?" and are now, "Where are you working now? Is it pretty stable?" A sign of the times, maybe?

I was in Walmart (actually two different Walmart stores) last night and in both stores I heard people talking and it made me really start to think about things. First, I was in the Super in Callaway and heard a lady on her cell phone. (If you know me really well, you already know that I'm pretty nosey and often refer to myself as "Gladys Crabtree"). Apparently, someone had picke…

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

SInce Ryan's been working so much lately and we haven't been able to spend a lot of time together, Valentine's Day was this weekend, and he has a holiday tomorrow (gotta love those federal holidays, we decided to come to Destin and spend the night in a hotel...mainly just to get away from the normal hum drum. So here we are at the Summerplace Inn in Destin having a ball. We drove over right after church and have had so much fun today. We shopped till we dropped, ate at Ciao Bella, hung out at Barnes and Noble, and are now back in our room. (I don't know why but I love staying in hotels. They must be clean, mind you, but it's something I've always enjoyed. Maybe it's the simple change in atmosphere, but I love it. )

Someone once told me that I was the "homely type". This was a really good friend and it was when I was telling this friend that I wasn't moving away to college but had decided instead to stay here and do the program at FSU PC. He sa…