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My Own Life-Hacker List

Ryan is forever following He doesn’t always find something life changing, but every now and then they post about something that he decides to try out. Sometimes it’s a win; sometimes it’s a regretful Amazon purchase. Months ago he bought me a daylight alarm clock ( This thing arrived in the mail and I was like, “You bought me an alarm clock? Gee. Thanks.” At least it wasn't a set of cookware. After a week of using it, I realized it was a game changer. I was waking up more gradually and (dare I admit it) in a much better mood. Life hack, indeed. Thank goodness for this wonderful website and my husband that is always looking for improvement.
Which brings me to today’s topic. Sometimes we just need to share things that are getting us through. I’ve been listening to a podcast lately of in…
This is the first blog post I’ve written in SO LONG so it feels a bit foreign and weird. I have tossed around various ideas for the past couple of months about blogging again, but I couldn’t get motivated or decisive or something.  
So, I just turned thirty-five. I've made some serious changes in the past year and for whatever reason, I want to share what I have and am learning. I constantly feel like I'm failing, but I know it can't be that bad (RIGHT?). Back in the Spring, our church’s children's ministry took the kids to a weekend camp. A friend told me that at least once a week she tells someone, “Do you follow Kelley Close on Facebook? You should. She’s funny, she’s honest, and she puts a lot of things into perspective.” I wanted to cry. This was probably the most humbling thing anyone has said to me in a very long time. So, I’m going to start blogging again. I don’t have a niche; there’s no special focus. I certainly know I’m not going to become famous.  But, I’m …