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I've Come Out of Hiding

Today I officially came out of hiding with regards to volunteering. Ryan and I used to volunteer regularly with various ministries and groups. When I quit my first 'big girl job' I helped out quite a bit with the Rescue Mission; I'd take homeless folks to doctor appointments, help them find day jobs to earn some cash, and even help with luncheons to recruit new volunteers. I wasn't an expert at it, but I definitely learned a lot in six months. Since then, however, I haven't had much face time with those in need.

A few weeks ago I saw an email asking for volunteers for the Klothes for Kids distribution. I knew a little about this organization and have always given to it in years past, but I've never actually gone and done anything. Since I recently went part time (I have every Friday off...HUGE BLESSING!!!), I decided that it was time to come out of hiding from the volunteer world. I will admit, I was super anxious about it. Ryan kept telling me that it was goi…