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Beef Stroganoff and a Little Salad

We had a bit of a rough start to our say the least.
Remember how I was going to make the cookies for church last night? Ended up not making them because I was so worn out from Lane fussing about his teeth. He tried to be happy throughout the day, but molars are brutal and at 7:10 he finally wanted to go to hour early. After a nighttime diaper, pajamas, and a few minutes in the rocking chair, he was done.
Because I was so tired and exhausted (read: tired of hearing a certain boy cry all afternoon), I mixed myself a 'drink' and planted my butt on the couch...instead of making peanut butter cookies. At 10:00 pm I realized that my offering for tomorrow was missing cookies and I freaked out. Ryan, being the sensible one (read: being the non-drink-y one) suggested that we leave a little early, grab some cookies from Wal-Mart, and call it a win. I agreed that it was a fabulous idea (mostly because my arms felt a little heavy and I really just wanted to go to bed)…