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A Wonderful Day

So today was one of those days that I absolutely love. I am on the downhill side of my cold, still coughing and a little stuffy, but feeling so much better. I woke up, got the hubby out the door, took a shower and got down to business. I'm always amazed at how fast the house can take a downward spiral when you're sick and not able to take care of the normal chores. My plan was to "restore order" but in end, I did some serious spring cleaning. I love these days. I love working and working and working and when I'm done being able to sit back and admire the progress.

I dusted EVERYTHING in our bedroom, cleaned the bathroom top to bottom, even the baseboards. Honestly, I don't remember my mother having to dust this must when i was little. Why does this house have so much dust and where does it come from? (I read once that dust was like 90% dead skin...not sure about that one...but if so, gross.) I had sheets on the clothesline, the radio blaring, and the vacuum …