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I'm Tired

Can I please share my heart? (Be prepared for a lot of whining.)
I’m tired. I’m emotionally tired, spiritually tired, financially tired, and physically tired. I’m just tired.
Ryan and I are facing the upcoming furlough. We’ll have a significant pay cut to deal with for approximately six months. Thankfully, we have been blessed enough to be able to save up for such an event (that and I know how to choke a dollar) so we’ll be okay, but we have numerous coworkers and friends, good friends, that are really going to be feeling this 20% reduction. I’m worried for them. I’m waking up in the middle of the night praying that they’ll be okay. Ryan and I have been discussing ways to save money, cut bills, as well as gather some projects to work on while we have an extra day off. I've come to terms with the pay reduction and not having any ‘frills’ for the next six months. I've researched free and inexpensive activities, and I've even started looking forward to having some time to accom…