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The Real Ms. America

Official Disclaimer: If you are involved in beauty pageants (or scholarship pageants), I am in no way making fun of or condemning them or you. I am, however, making a push for a real that celebrates a woman not for how she looks, talks, walks, or twirls, but for who she is and how she looks on a Saturday morning with with her comfy pants on and no makeup, standing in front of her waffle iron while making a "hungry man's" breakfast. I believe that any beauty queen would agree with me that how those women look on the stage is much different from how they look any other given day. (I do believe that's the most official thing I've ever put on this blog.)

So...Netflix has recently added quite a few new TV shows to its instant streaming selection. Since we don't have cable and don't partake in the whole reality TV trend, I started watching a few different shows to see what all the fuss is about. So far I've really enjoyed "Hoarders" …