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Guess What I Did

Image's kinda late, but...guess what I did. I finished a project.

I know it's been two and a half weeks since I started this challenge, but technically I'm only a few days late. The first week I made a "new baby" gift basket. We have a new associate pastor and he and his wifey are expecting Number Two. Our church threw them a sort of welcome home party/baby shower so I made a gift basket similar to the ones I made for Relay for Life. I'm really enjoying making these baskets. Granted, they're a lot of work, but I love putting in items that are practical and things that are just plain fun. Gotta love those pee pee tee pees.

So last week was my first week that required me to actually finish a project. And although I'm a little late, it's done. So...I finished these placemats I started back in December. Now, if you're looking at the picture and thinking, "Hmmm...there're only five placemats..." Ummm....yeah....see, I started …