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How to Make Cupcakes

My officemate at work has a birthday this week. She took a half day yesterday and took all of today off from work. We typically do something special for eachothers' birthdays, but due to various circumstances (mainly the reason I had to wear pantyhose yesterday), we weren't able to do something birthday-y yesterday, so we just planned on doing it Friday. I volunteered to make cupcakes. Lane's birthday is next week (AGHHH!!!) and I 'm planning on making and decorating the cupcakes for his party so I figured this would be great practice. Right. Sometimes? I'm an idiot.

I emailed my SIL about advice on cake decorating tips and made my way to Hobby Lobby on the way home this afternoon. I left Ryan and Lane in the car because I figured I'd run in, grab a simple decorating set, and pop right back out. Now...I consider myself a fairly crafty person. I have rarely ever gotten anxious while picking items out in the craft store. However, today I stood there and saw …