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O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

I've been trying to start decorating early this year for Christmas. Monday I pulled down all the Christmas boxes from the attic. Tuesday I put up the tree.

Since I had already pulled down everything from the attic and had the boxes set out in the garage, the hard part was pretty much done. We got home, ate a quick supper, and I went to work. We have a pre-lit tree that we bought the first Christmas we were married. I set it up, fluffed the branches, and plugged it in. The middle section of the tree wasn't lighting. I tried to pull out a few bulbs and replace them with some others, but they're (for whatever reason) a different size and the new bulbs wouldn't fit. No biggie. I knew where the stringed lights were in the garage and they would just be added to the tree to cover up its bald spot and the problem would be solved. I strung the first string on the tree, plugged them in, and soon realized that this strand was only lighting halfway. Grrr....
Okay, no biggie. We'…

A Trip to Denver: Close Family Style

We recently made a trip to Denver, Colorado to witness my brother-in-law get married to an awesome girl. While I really don't want to say that the trip was awful, it certainly didn't go according to plans. Of course, we've come to terms that nothing we ever do goes according to plans.
Putting in a new sink faucet? That'll be six trips to Home Depot for parts. Installing new floors and want to do it in the three weeks that you have off from work? That'll be five weeks (although the quarter round still isn't painted...four years later). Changing out the brakes on my car? That'll be four hours and a few choice words to get that one stubborn part off the car. Got a new quilting frame and you're super stoked about using it? That'll be a month until the company sends you the correct bolt that keeps the platform from bouncing causing your thread to break every three seconds. Going to take an anniversary trip to St. Augustine? That'll be torrential rai…

Why I Love Yard Sales, Thrift Stores, and the Occasional Trash Pile

If you know me, you know I'm frugal.
If you really know me, you know I'm cheap.
It's no secret that I love a good deal. I've always had a special place in my heart for yard sales, thrift stores, and yes, a few trash piles (only clean ones...that's another story that involves some flower pots and a cat poo smell thankyouverymuchmommydearest). I've known people that would rather be beaten with brick sticks than enter a Goodwill, pull up to a yard sale, or (gasp!) pop the trunk to toss in a piece of fresh roadkill. I, however, have never had a problem with it. (Technically, that's not entirely true. There was a phase in my life that I was embarrassed to stop at yard sales. It probably had something to do with my mom yelling at me from a stranger's garage, "Kelley! Get out of the car and get up here! They've got your favorite brand (Esprit) and everything's 25 cents! Why are you sinking down in the seat? Get up here!" I should also probably…

Justice. Sweet Justice.

Please be forewarned: This is a VENTING post. I’m venting and preaching at the same time. If you’re not in the mood, go elsewhere. BUT, you might learn something. Ha!

Yesterday I needed to run by Sam’s (no surprise there, right?). Lane was with me and I had everything on my list. We were singing and laughing and having a good time. Granted, it was 5:00 and I was SO ready to get home, but I have a somewhat new outlook on ‘rushing’. I made it to the front of the store and tried to find a good line (btw: Ryan is not allowed to pick out lines for us anymore. He has an unnatural gift of picking the lines that look short, but they turn out to be the people buying that ONE item that is missing a barcode or the cash register gets locked up or they don’t understand their coupon…which Ryan himself finally has to step forward and explain…btw, that Sam’s coupon? You still have to pay tax on the full amount.).

I found a line that looked good and made my way there. As I was waiting in line, I noticed…

How to Make Cupcakes

My officemate at work has a birthday this week. She took a half day yesterday and took all of today off from work. We typically do something special for eachothers' birthdays, but due to various circumstances (mainly the reason I had to wear pantyhose yesterday), we weren't able to do something birthday-y yesterday, so we just planned on doing it Friday. I volunteered to make cupcakes. Lane's birthday is next week (AGHHH!!!) and I 'm planning on making and decorating the cupcakes for his party so I figured this would be great practice. Right. Sometimes? I'm an idiot.

I emailed my SIL about advice on cake decorating tips and made my way to Hobby Lobby on the way home this afternoon. I left Ryan and Lane in the car because I figured I'd run in, grab a simple decorating set, and pop right back out. Now...I consider myself a fairly crafty person. I have rarely ever gotten anxious while picking items out in the craft store. However, today I stood there and saw …

When Daddy's Away...

Ryan flew to Tennessee to visit family this past weekend. It was a three day weekend for us and I think he was a little concerned about how things were going to unravel. And you know what? Funny things happen when Daddy leaves town.

Naps get refused.

Puppies get treats (too bad the eggs were already gone by the time I got the camera ready).

Sunrises are attempted (only to realize that our backyard wasn't made for watching we enjoyed the birds singing instead).

Babies get comfortable.

Craft rooms get reorganized (before).

And after...

New decorations go up.

Food scales (bought 5 months ago) finally get mounted.

Decadent desserts get devoured.

Beautiful suppers are prepared.
Why yes, I DID mean to post the same picture. It was supper AND dessert...and it was devoured in the bed. And I paid for it the next morning.

I'm soon on the way to pick up the hubs (and his dad). And CANNOT wait.

Change is Opportunity

Yesterday I was forced to face a cold reality. My neighbors (whom have also been members in our small group) packed up a moving truck and got ready to make their journey to their new home state. Long story short, but they have decided to make a new start in a new town and are officially moving this weekend. Although he's already been living there for a couple of months and she's been there with two of the kids, it hasn't really hit me until today...especially when I saw the moving truck drive off. I know we'll stay in touch, I know we'll email and chit chat and share pictures (after all, their baby is only three months older than Lane and she was supposed to be his 'girl next door') it's still really hard to see them leave.

I don't typically deal well with change. I can change furniture in a living room, hang a new picture on the wall, or even change how I do something (as long as it's better), and I'm fine. It's the big things that…

Hey 2011, Didn't We Have a Deal?

The last month hasn't exactly been what we were hoping for. We had such wonderful expectations for 2011. Don't get me wrong, 2010 was good in that it brought us Lane, but it also brought quite a few other 'spiderwebs' in the mix. So far...2011 hasn't been much different.

Thursday night was Lane's first (and, OH, how I wish the last) trip to the emergency room. Ryan had band practice at the church so Lane and I had the evening to ourselves. He had a tiny bit of a runny nose, but was pretty much fine otherwise. We watched "Thoroughly Modern Millie", one of my favorite musicals, and had a blast. During Intermission I busted out some of my tap dancing skills from the good old days and he thought that was a hoot. He laughed and laughed and crawled over to me, sat up, and waved those arms like a mad man. I picked him up and we danced all over the living room. Might my sweet boy become a Fred Astaire? Possibly.

He went to bed at his normal time and showed no i…

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

This has truly been a Monday. And not only has it been one heck of a day, it also started EARLY.

Let's see, where should we start? Ryan bought us a new baby gate. The one we had was the wooden kind that holds itself with tension. We got the new one during the week, but lacked time to install it. It's the one that is metal and screws into the wall. Remember that...ATTACHES to the wall. We decided to put it between the living room and eating area. After Ryan installed it, we were a little concerned that it would stay in place if Lane pulled himself up on it. Sigh...yeah...

Lane has been a bit of a turd lately and has started a new habit of waking up at 3:00 am. This morning was no exception. At 3:16 this morning I finally got up to get him a bottle of water. I got up, walked to the kitchen (you SO know where I'm going with this, right?) and...let's just say the only thing I remember is thinking, "What the...? Why am I parallel to the floor...but not hitting it…

Christmases to Come

I know this is a little late, but...oh well. Better late than never, right?

This Christmas was a bit awkward. Other than trying to figure out how to do Christmas for a baby, we didn't really have time to do any Christmas gifts were a bit awkward. But here's the thing...we kinda liked it.

See, we don't lack for anything. If there's something we want throughout the year, we get it. If it's a big-ticket item, we save up for it. As wonderful as this is, it can make it tough to create a Christmas list.

So this year we gave each other gifts that we already knew we were getting...and yes, we still wrapped them and put them under the tree. Ryan and I exchanged one nice gift each and a few "dinky", fun gifts. When I say dinky I mean...kinda dorky. I got a couple of quilting magazines and a pair of running pants. Ryan got socks (that Lane picked chewing on them in the store), steak grinder seasonings, and a box of "Christmas Tree&quo…