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Fancy Footwork

Although I wasn't able to technically work on a craft project (although I did get some ribbon lengths cut so maybe that counts?) I have had somewhat of a productive day. After Ryan spent an hour and a half yesterday afternoon searching for a CD that is nowhere to be found, he decided that we were going to work on cleaning out the garage today. When it was discovered that Baby L didn't get the memo about sleeping in on Saturdays (normally he sleeps in a little bit, but nooooo...not today), we decided to hurry and get some things done before it got too hot. We managed to tidy up a bit and throw some things out...which is always fun.

More important news is that Baby L has yet to poop...yesterday or today. Needless to say, we've been waiting for the grand event...I've even put the nicer diapers on him today because I know when it happens...well, let's just say that I expect there will be a bath involved. (I told you that you'd get a poop schedule, didn't I?) …

Another Challenge? Possibly.

I've now been back at work for a little over a month now. What do I have to say about working full time while having a five month old baby? This. Is. Hard. My routine is packed, many times I crash on the way to bed...sometimes I don't even remember my head hitting the pillow. And yet, among this fast tracked schedule, there are still other things that I want to accomplish. Some of those things are craft projects that I started at some point...some of them YEARS ago. (One of them was started in high school...and yes, I still have it. I've actually moved it with me for four house moves. Why? No clue. )

My SIL and her sister and mother have also started a craft blog. They've been making posts of the cutest things and have invited me to join in, but...when do I post? WHAT do I post? Granted, I'm somewhat crafty...I'm no Martha Stewart, but I can hold my own. So...I started looking around and mentally gathering all the projects I need to finish and the ones …

Hey, What Do You Know? I AM Still Alive!

So, yes, I do realize it's been one whole month since my last blog post. I've had a few things going on. :-)

My challenge officially ended last Sunday when we were down to fish and spicy sausage. Seriously, that was the only meat left in the freezer. I still have some frozen veggies and breads and such, but the stockpile is considerably lower since when I first began. Although I've been making lots of room in the freezer by eating what I already have, I now am somewhat negating the whole challenge by cooking meals and freezing them in containers for lunches when we're at work. As this seems to be my latest might say I'm a cooking, freezing, fool. And that's okay. It's SO nice to grab a container on the way to the car and know that I'll be having a nice home cooked lunch. I've also learned to cook extra when I'm cooking my normal suppers. I take the extra and place it in containers, let it cool completely on the counter, label it, and …