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Hey 2011, Didn't We Have a Deal?

The last month hasn't exactly been what we were hoping for. We had such wonderful expectations for 2011. Don't get me wrong, 2010 was good in that it brought us Lane, but it also brought quite a few other 'spiderwebs' in the mix. So far...2011 hasn't been much different.

Thursday night was Lane's first (and, OH, how I wish the last) trip to the emergency room. Ryan had band practice at the church so Lane and I had the evening to ourselves. He had a tiny bit of a runny nose, but was pretty much fine otherwise. We watched "Thoroughly Modern Millie", one of my favorite musicals, and had a blast. During Intermission I busted out some of my tap dancing skills from the good old days and he thought that was a hoot. He laughed and laughed and crawled over to me, sat up, and waved those arms like a mad man. I picked him up and we danced all over the living room. Might my sweet boy become a Fred Astaire? Possibly.

He went to bed at his normal time and showed no i…

Sometimes You Just Gotta Laugh

This has truly been a Monday. And not only has it been one heck of a day, it also started EARLY.

Let's see, where should we start? Ryan bought us a new baby gate. The one we had was the wooden kind that holds itself with tension. We got the new one during the week, but lacked time to install it. It's the one that is metal and screws into the wall. Remember that...ATTACHES to the wall. We decided to put it between the living room and eating area. After Ryan installed it, we were a little concerned that it would stay in place if Lane pulled himself up on it. Sigh...yeah...

Lane has been a bit of a turd lately and has started a new habit of waking up at 3:00 am. This morning was no exception. At 3:16 this morning I finally got up to get him a bottle of water. I got up, walked to the kitchen (you SO know where I'm going with this, right?) and...let's just say the only thing I remember is thinking, "What the...? Why am I parallel to the floor...but not hitting it…