New Year. New Goals.

I can't believe it's almost been a year since I've posted anything. Last year was anything but calm and it seemed that I just never had time...certainly had the desire but no time. Hopefully this year will be different...hopefully.

So, it's a new year. Last year I made a goal, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was (if it was finding my inner sexy, then check, 'cause you know...we had another kid and all...).

Seriously, though.

I have no clue.

Ryan, however, totally met his goal, and since I cook for him, I think it only fair to claim some of his victory myself. Sounds good, yes? Last year he wantet to lose 60 pounds and HE DID IT. Yeah, like, my husband lost a Sam's-Club-sized-bag of dog food worth of weight. How cool is that?

This year we're making more goals. Our 'joint' goal is to clear out unneeded items from our house each week. Since we moved to a new house in 2012 (remember that lack of calm mentioned earlier?), we quickly began realizing how much stuff we owned even after the 'purge of 2011'. It's really sad when you spend the better part of a year cleaning out unwanted items, you buy another house and start packing and then realize that all of the 'purging' apparently didn't accomplish much. Now that things are kinda calming down, we've decided that we need to start cleaning out. Granted, we use a lot of the things we have, but we also don't use some of the things we have. So...each week we're going to clear out five things from our house. We'd originally planned to do 10 items, but I'm afraid of losing steam and giving up. So...five is manageble. Five it is.

Next is my own goal.

I have a serious problem with starting projects and not completing them.'s kinda bad and is something about myself that irritates me to no end. I dont' know why I do it...or don't do it. I just lose interest or motivation or something and the project gets put in a box or bag and only seen when I rearrange stuff to make room for more unfinished projects. goal is to complete at least 12 projects this year. It doesn't have to be a project each month, but I WILL complete 12 projects this year. I will.

I still have the goals like everyone else: cook better, have more patience with people, try to stay more positive each day, make more time for know...the usual. But, those are the two biggies.

So yeah.

New blog post (for all of my faithful readers...both of you...).

New year.

New goals.

Still the same me.


Free To Be Me said…
They sound like great goals to me! Good luck with them and Happy New Year!!!!

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