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Love...True Love...

Today I had the pleasure in coordinating a wedding at the church. This was the first wedding I've had in about two years and it proved to be quite chaotic, however it turned out to be a beautiful service and the bride and groom were both thrilled and pleased. (Whew!)

What I noticed today is that there are some consistencies with all weddings...things that are just about always going to happen no matter how much planning is done or nerves are shot. Here's a brief list of what I realized today: (Yes, it's 3:00 am and no, I can't sleep...)

1. Something is going to go wrong. Let me repeat: SOMETHING IS GOING TO GO WRONG. It may be huge, it may be trivial. But something is going to go wrong. A unity candle won't light (S & A), a bridesmaid can't find her shoes (R & C), the scriptural reader loses her bookmark and butterfingers aren't allowing her to find her place (my own parents), or the groom's mother has an allergic reaction to shellfish and …


In February I decided that I wanted to do something special for Ryan's birthday. I knew we'd most likely do a party of some sort since it was his 30th, but I also wanted to give him something special. About a year ago he saw a Mario quilt online with directions on how to make it. This was about the same time he bought my quilting machine and frame and some comment like, "Hey, here's something you can make me..." was made, which I responded with a "Yeah right. Keep dreaming."

Well, in February I thought, "Hey.....why not?" I've been sewing for quite a few years and I'm getting better at this quilting frame so...yes, I'm gonna do it.

The crazy person in me looked at the quilt on the lady's website and decided that it wasn't exactly what I wanted to make for him. I started looking for various pictures of the original Mario Brothers game characters and drawing them on graph paper. The ladies in my craft group can verify, it w…