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Day 2 of Vacation or The Great Flood of 2009

Day 2 of our vacation/anniversary trip was pretty fun. We're exhausted, but were able to cram a substantial amount into the day...even with rain in the morning. Our day started out with the hotel totally redeeming itself. First, the shower head in this place is amazing. Maybe it doesn't take much to make me happy, but I love a good shower head. You'd think a CE with quite a few hours of environmental classes under her belt would be in favor of "water saving" items, but heck no. I want a true five-gallon flush and there better not be a washer in that shower head. When I'm showering, I want the water pressure to just about take my skin off. And this morning, the hotel totally delivered. All I can say is it was WONDERFUL.

Next, we went down for breakfast. Again, we were happy to see that they weren't sticklers on the time frame for breakfast as we showed up about 15 minutes before shut down time. Even as more people came in, the lady kept stocking. A…

We Made It!

This morning we set out for St. Augustine for our anniversary vacation. Wednesday will be our third anniversary and we wanted to do something fun this year and "get away." We made pretty good travel time, even with only driving two miles over the official speed limit due to the 13 cars pulled over by state troopers (yes, 13...we actually started keeping track after the fourth). We hit rain (steady rain) right outside of Jacksonville, but we still made it to "The Oldest Florida City" in good time and spirits. Upon checking in at the hotel, we quickly began racking up juicy blog material. Here's what we got to experience the first day of our vacation...

1. We checked in, the reservation was all good, and we took our things up to the room. Ryan went into the bathroom and came out asking if I'd hung up anything on the back of the bathroom door. I hadn't, so I asked why. He said, "Oh, no big reason...other than the fact that there's a pair of…

I Swore I'd Never Do It

So…I’ve been sick for a week now. Last Monday I woke up with the “throat junk”, went in, got an antibiotic and a shot (in the booty), and went home to sleep. I started feeling better by Tuesday, but by Wednesday and Thursday I was actually starting to feel worse. Friday and Saturday I felt like death. I even yelled at Ryan Saturday for asking me if I was going to take a second nap (Hello! I’m sick!) He got over it (and I took another nap).

Sunday he had to play at church and I was planning on attending the 11:00 service. I got up, showered, dressed, and took care of the dogs. As I kept wandering around the house, I started feeling worse and worse. I was SO sleepy and congested and all of the above. I just felt terrible. So I did what I should have done; I got a pillow and a quilt, got the dogs situated on the couch with me (we kept Phoebe for the weekend while the ‘rents went on a vacation), and…took another nap. Slept for two hours. I woke up just in time to get the bedspread lines of…

My Realization

We went camping this past weekend with Ryan’s brother and his family. We had a great time…even with nap-deprived kiddies with yucky stomachs, we really enjoyed ourselves and were able to visit and relax (although I’m not sure I can speak for J, J, S, S).

J and J often get cracked up at how much Ryan and I shop at Sam’s. I’ve never really thought about it much but this weekend I realized that we really do shop there A LOT. We actually go there…and I’m a little embarrassed to admit this…about once a week…sometimes twice. Most of the normal things we get there we buy because they are way cheaper than buying in a normal store or because I get tired of constantly having to buy more to keep from running out. However, we also buy quite a bit of “stuff” from Sam’s. (Even as I’m typing this I’m laughing and thinking about even the most recent items we’ve picked up…holy cow…we’ve got it bad.)

My SIL said that I needed to have a blog post about what all we buy there, Ryan suggested a separa…