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Day 29: I Skipped Yesterday

I kinda gave in yesterday and went to Publix to hit some coupon deals (which is why I'm not counting yesterday). However, I mainly just bought things that we didn't have or things that were free and I wanted to try (like the Sandwich Shop Mayo...which I actually found pretty tasty). Overall I spent $28 and some change. But...since I was a bit bummed about going back to work, I felt that I needed something to cheer me up. (I now realize how pathetic it is that buying food cheers me up, but...we all have our vices, right?)

Yesterday I had oatmeal for breakfast (just a few more packs to go!) and a glass of milk. Is it sad that as I sit here I honestly cannot remember what I had for lunch? Probably so...or maybe just another sign that I'm getting old and my mind is slipping. We had small group and the main dish was hamburgers and hot dogs so I took some Boston Baked Beans in the crockpot. I actually used my smaller crockpot (the one for cheese dips) and it was the perfect size.…